PCA Program Could Be Cut! Call Governor Patrick!

As the state wrestles with a severe drop in revenue, just about everything and anything could be a target for budget cuts. This includes so-called optional MassHealth services, which includes the PCA program.  No one expects the program to disappear—the administration has consistently affirmed its support of the program and that’s not likely to change— but eligibility could be tightened.


Advocates and consumers are urged to call the governor’s office to ask that the PCA program not be cut or negatively changed. Showing support for the program now— cuts to this year’s budget and programs are expected to be announced soon—is crucial.


Call Governor Patrick in support of the PCA program this week!


617-725-4005 or 1-888-870-7770 or 413-784-1200 (W. Mass. office)


Contact Evelyne Milorin at BCIL at 617-338-6665 or

Bill Henning at bhenning@bostoncil.org for more information