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Advocate SILC IL Education Day March 2017

ILCNSCA was at the statehouse Wednesday, March 22, 2017 with the other ten MA independent living centers and many advocates. Our North Shore and Cape Ann elected officials were all very welcoming, educated about Independent Living, and supportive to do the best they can to keep us living independently and include us in the difficult decisions that may have to be made if Congress makes major cuts. All are encouraged to let Congress know your position on changes to the Affordable Care Act that affects you, your family, your friends. MA will face an enormous deficit if the currently proposed changes to Medicaid, coverage, medications, pre-existing conditions, and administrative cost limits go through. Advocate!

Go to #SaveMedicaid please if you are concerned and have your voice heard.

30th Anniversary of the Independent Living Center of the North Shore and Cape Ann, Inc.

Service and advocacy for another 30 years beginning with a celebration on Thursday, April 27, 2017. ILCNSCA serves those of all ages with all types of disabilities and seniors to live as independently as they choose and to participate in community life in the North Shore and Cape Ann. Hope to see you on April 27, 2017, at the Kernwood Country Club from 4:30 PM to 7:00 PM. Suggested donation for tickets is $30 per person, more if you can, less if you cannot. Register here and please bring the ticket with you for one free beverage at the bar! Please spread the word.

Fuel Assistance

Winter is here below are some resources to help stay warm this winter


Emergency Food and Shelter Program

The Federal Emergency Food & Shelter Program gives federal funds to local nonprofit and government organizations to help prevent hunger and homelessness. Local organizations can use funds to pay up to one month’s utility bill for residents facing a fuel emergency. To find your local organization choose “Funded Organizations” then Select “Massachusetts” then your county from drop down list.


Locate your town office

Some cities and towns have local emergency fuel assistance programs for their residents. Call your town hall to find out if emergency assistance is available for fuel assistance.


Community Action Agencies (CAA)

Also known as Community Action Programs (CAP) provide mergency assistance to people in crisis. All Community Action Agencies offer fuel assistance. Depending on Local Community Action Agency, it may offer transitional housing, homelessness prevention programs, temporary emergency food assistance programs and childcare voucher management services.


Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)

LIHEAP is a government program to help low-income families and individuals pay their heating bills during the winter. The program is managed by the Department of Housing and Community Development in conjunction with 22 regional nonprofit and local government organizations. Eligibility for fuel assistance is based on having low income and low assets.


Call the Cold Relief Heatline to find out where to apply for Fuel Assistance (LIHEAP). Weatherization (WAP) and the Heating System Repair and Replacement Program (HEARTWAP). HEATLINE at 800-632-8175 (voice/TTY)


Additional resources:


Utility Bills – Energy Assistance Discounts Fact Sheet


Links to Fuel assistance resources in Programs and Services


New Medicare Fact Sheets for LGBT People

LGBT people need to be aware of recent developments that change how Medicare and Medicaid work for them. First, the Supreme Court’s legalization of same sex marriage in all states, changed how Medicare and Medicaid evaluate the eligibility of same sex spouses for both  programs. Depending on the program and the individual’s circumstances, the changes can be positive or negative. Additionally, Medicare has begun covering Gender Reassignment Surgery and issued new rules that protect transgender older adults from sex discrimination in healthcare.

Three new fact sheets can help consumers learn how these changes may affect them, whether they are LGBT individuals married to someone of the same sex, or transgender individuals needing to access health care. These fact sheets were produced in partnership with SAGE (Services & Advocacy for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, & Transgender Elders), the SHIP National Network (State Health Insurance Assistance Programs), and Administration for Community Living (ACL).

The three fact sheets are:

All are available for download at the National Resource Center for LGBT Aging


Breaking news to ACT ON Now!!!!

Bruce Darling – a co- NCIL member and Advocate for the Disability Integration Act has news that you need to act on today! Join your NCIL friends and make changes for all people with disabilities:

” We are excited to announce that Representative Gibson (NY-R) has introduced the Disability Integration Act in the House of Representatives!  The bill number is HR 5689.


We have been working for literally decades to assure that Americans with disabilities are not denied their inalienable rights guaranteed to them under the Constitution and Declaration of Independence by being forced into unwanted institutionalization, but this week is the last opportunity for members of Congress to cosponsor the bill before they take a long summer recess to campaign.    




Step One: Do this super easy electronic action alert.  


Step Two: Call Representative Johnson to ask the Representative to cosponsor the Disability Integration Act.  Call 1-866-220-0044 to connect with you Representative’s office.  Tell them:


I am calling to ask Representative Johnson to cosponsor the Disability Integration Act (HR 5689).  The Disability Integration Act has been introduced in the House by Representative Chris Gibson, a Republican Congressman from New York.  Please support him and Americans with Disabilities by becoming a cosponsor of the Disability Integration Act (HR 5689).  There isn’t much time before the break.  I am asking Representative Johnson to contact Representative Gibson’s office to sign on as a cosponsor before the week is out. Thank you.”


Thanks for your continued advocacy to FREE OUR PEOPLE!

MA Legislature Stalls on passage of S1984, Anti-Bullying of Seniors and Those Living With Disabilities Commission

We have a good chance for passage of S1984 in the current session. Action is unlikely by the end of the formal session this month, although it would be great. Our bill can become law during the informal session, which ends I believe early next January.

Success will depend on getting additional and continuing support in the form of letters and calls. Reach out to your elected state representative and/or directly to Brian Dempsey.

Please write to Brian S. Dempsey, Chair of the House Committee on Ways and Means. asking him to release S1984 from committee favorably

His contact information follows:

Phone: 617-722-2990 Fax: 617-722-2215Email:

Have a great weekend and thank you for what you do.

Jerry Halberstadt
Coordinator, Stop Bullying Coalition